Everything is made up of energy. In the body, there are seven major energy centers and over 100 minor ones. These are often referred to as "chakras." Each of these centers exchange energy with our universal energy field on a regular basis. We experience this exchange through our senses (seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, and intuition). When we are open, energy flows freely and we experience mind, body, and spiritual harmony. When there is interference, blockages and restrictions can create disorders and disease. These centers are divinely created to sustain the body and to help protect us from disease. They work by absorbing Universal energy and sending it to the nervous system, endocrine glands, and blood for total body nourishment, we are the sum total of all of our systems.

If you are experiencing fatigue, illness, depression, lack of direction, relationship issues, or otherwise feel generally out of balance, schedule an "energy session" to help your energy centers resonate at their proper frequencies, and to help you restore yourself to a normal state of balance, and overall good health.


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